Shedding a Lot of Hair In the Shower?

December 16, 2020 – I normally shed a lot of hair in the shower. My hair has gotten thinner over the years. (I’m almost 40 years old). I have medium-length, virgin, Asian hair that is normal (not oily and not dry), yet I still shed a lot of hair! Here are some scalp and hairContinue reading “Shedding a Lot of Hair In the Shower?”

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Looking for a lightweight organic botanical hair conditioner?

I should first say that I do not dye, perm or treat my hair. I have natural dark brown hair. My individual strands are thick but I don’t have a LOT of hair. My hair looks healthy as long as I use a conditioner that moisturizes well, because I wash my hair almost everyday. IContinue reading “Looking for a lightweight organic botanical hair conditioner?”