Avon Promo Codes

Most promo codes are personally created by me for my subscribers, but occassionally Avon will offer a public promo code that all customers can use. Scroll down to learn more.

Non-Exclusive Promo Codes

Find public promo codes (non-exclusive) here.

Exclusive Promo Codes Just For My Subscribers

In order to receive my exclusive promo codes, please subscribe here, OR create an account at my E-store.

Creating an Account at My E-store

Create a new account at my E-store in order to start receiving promo codes. Already have an account? Create a new account with a different email address.

From my E-store homepage (screenshot below is the mobile website version):

New Customers: Step 1
New Customers: Step 2
New Customers: Step 3

Finally, complete the New Customer Registration. Ensure that you opt-in to receive exclusive offers!

New Customers: Step 4
Verify That You Are Subscribed For My Exclusive Offers
  1. Log into your Avon account at https://www.youravon.com/miraLee
  2. If on your desktop, click on your name where it says, “Hi, <your first name>
  3. If on your mobile device, click Menu
  4. Go to My Account → My Profile
  5. Scroll down to the section labeled Email Preferences
  6. Click the Edit button
  7. Ensure the following are selected:
    • All Specials Offers and Promotions
    • Mira Lee as your representative
  8. Ensure the following is deselected: Unsubscribe From All Emails

You’re all set to receive my exclusive promo codes! You may have to check your spam folder (and Promotions tab for Gmail users) for my exclusive promo codes emails.

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