Are You Concerned About Sagging Skin?

August 31, 2021 – I really love all the innovative Korean skin care that Avon x LG H&H have been coming out with. If your skin concerns include wrinkles and sagging skin, defy gravity with uplifting hibiscus. Introducing Isa Knox LXNew Platinum Defy gravity with the natural power of hibiscus flower. AVON’s new collection hasContinue reading “Are You Concerned About Sagging Skin?”

Looking for a lightweight organic botanical hair conditioner?

I should first say that I do not dye, perm or treat my hair. I have natural dark brown hair. My individual strands are thick but I don’t have a LOT of hair. My hair looks healthy as long as I use a conditioner that moisturizes well, because I wash my hair almost everyday. IContinue reading “Looking for a lightweight organic botanical hair conditioner?”