6 Ways to Save When Shopping Avon Online

This pandemic has brought on hard times for many families. I appreciate how Avon quickly responded to the pandemic and expanded my E-store with Daily Essentials (dish soap, laundry detergent, cleaning wipes, kitchen utensils, and more). To further help you, I wanted to create this quick blog post with tips on how to save at my E-store.

Quick Ways to Save at My E-store:
  • Sign up for Rakuten to get 4% cash back every time you shop at my Avon E-store. Yes, you read that right! It’s real and it works. I’ve verified it myself.
Shop, dine and save at many stores with Rakuten!
  • Purchase gift value sets, value packs, trios, 3-piece sets or duos. It costs less per item when you buy Avon products in sets, trio or duo.
  • Subscribe at my E-store by creating an account and opting-in to my exclusive offers to get free gifts, discount and free shipping. I personally create promo codes just for you (my E-store subscribers).
    • Check your spam or Promotion emails for my promo code emails.
    • If you don’t want to check your emails, simply log into my E-store with your Avon account. If there is a promo code waiting for you, you should see an alert at “My Account.”
  • Purchase $60+ to get automatic free shipping. Since my E-store doesn’t allow customers to stack multiple promo codes together, a great way to get a free gift AND free shipping at the same time is to use the free-gift promo code with an order of $60+ so that you can get the automatic free standard shipping.
  • Enter the monthly sweepstakes. It’s free to enter, and the prize is always more than $200 in Avon products!
  • Finally, shop the Sales & Promotions page at my E-store.

I hope you found this post to be helpful! Take care, everyone!

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California girl that loves motherhood, life hacks, funny videos, being outdoors and one-on-one conversations. I am also obsessed with healthy skin before makeup.

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