Avon Holiday 2020

It’s not even Halloween yet, but I’m already excited about Avon’s Holiday 2020 collection. The theme is Paris. Paris represents romance. You’ll see this theme in the packaging and some of the beauty gift sets for this holiday 2020.

The holiday collection will include:

  • Paris-themed Skin So Soft gift set
  • Eiffel tower decanter
  • Golden Christmas tree sculpture that lights up
  • Creamy eyeshadow that shimmers
  • Makeup brush set with loose “crystals” inside the clear handles that comes in a Paris-themed carrying bag
  • Bubble bath in the kitty cat decanter
  • Fragrance gift sets
  • Gold starred beauty caddy
  • Clear-ball ornaments containing a makeup applicator sponge shaped as a Christmas tree and snowman
  • Light-up and musical holiday home decor
  • Holiday pajama sets
  • and much more!
Preview of Avon Holiday 2020 Collection

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California girl that loves motherhood, life hacks, funny videos, being outdoors and one-on-one conversations. I am also obsessed with healthy skin before makeup.

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