What Makes Avon Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil Unique and Iconic for 60 Years?

Avon Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil

July 7, 2021 – Avon is the only company that produces the unique Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil. What has made it distinctive and popular for 60 years? Read REAL reviews below to find out!

Avon Skin So Soft Original Bath OIl

This bath oil smells wonderful, and after adding a tablespoon to my bath, I was instantly relaxed. The light oil left my skin feeling ultra soft and velvety smooth. Best of all, it locks in much-needed moisture, so bath after bath, my skin stays nourished and looking healthy.


Have been using since 1970 to present. Great for black people skin. Can be added to daily lotions, can use alone, great to keep mosquitoes away.

Lawana (customer)

I live in Florida and I love this oil to protect against no-see-ems….. nasty little bugs! Also love the smell and to use in the bath.

Janelle (customer)

My family has used Skin so Soft for years. It’s a great mosquito repellent.

Karen (customer)

I have used Skin so Soft since I was child. 40 years plus of regular use and never had a reaction, complaint, or adverse side effect. I keep a bottle in the RV and at the beach! This remains one of the most versatile products Avon has offered to the public!

Guillerno (customer)

I have used this for a zillion years, and will continue, there is nothing like it around!

Annette (customer)

I buy Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil because I can mix it 3/4 oil to 1/4 water and spritz it on my dogs before letting them outside. It keeps the mosquitoes from getting on them. { Good for kids too…No DEET } Much better than the topical “chemical” that the vets sell. In the long run it is also cheaper. But that is not an issue. I prefer to use the oil instead of a chemical which burns the dogs’ skin.

Tiffini (customer)

I have used this product for over 20 years and shared with friends as well. I enjoy spraying it on my wet body after a shower. It helps make my skin stay moisturized and soft.

Beverly69 (customer)

Can’t live without it; also use it in summer as bug repellent , works perfect for that, and I love the smell. Been using it for years and years.

Lisa (customer)

I use this everyday along with my body lotion to maintain moisture in my skin and avoid any bug bites. This works great all year. specially during harsh winters and bug filled summers.

Catherine (customer)

Where Can You Buy Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oils?

It’s always best to buy directly from AVON. Only AVON can guarantee that your bottle is new and original and can offer replacements if your product arrives damaged.

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