Is your body lotion just not keeping your skin moisturized all day?

The weather is dry, and my lotion isn’t keep my skin moisturized all day anymore. I normally prefer to use non-greasy, sensitive skin body lotion, because it is not enough during the dry season. Having dry, itchy skin was getting uncomfortable, so I switched to body oils.

I’m currently using the following, because I don’t normally take baths in order to use bath oils:

  • Skin So Soft Original Scent Gelled Body Oil – Contains jojoba oil which is the “closest thing out there to your skin’s own oil.” The gelled body oil is portable and easy to re-apply after washing my hands. It doesn’t spill and the bottle doesn’t get greasy. The gelled body oil leaves no greasy residue. It has a fresh, herbal scent.
  • Skin So Soft Triple Phase Body Oil (suitable for sensitive skin) – Contains vitamin E and Argan, Babassu, Macadamia Nut and Sunflower Seed oils. It moisturizes and seals the moisture into your skin. It is in liquid form but comes in a clever bottle with a 1.5mm-2.0mm opening so that you can get just the right amount in your palms without spilling or over-pouring. It has a vanilla scent.

With these body oils, my skin can go all day and night without going dry, itchy and ashy. I rub the body oils into my skin right after getting out of the shower + towel drying so that the oils absorb into my skin well and lock in the moisture from my shower.

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