Do you have a story for World Cancer Day?

World Cancer Day 2020

Today, Feb 4, 2020, is World Cancer Day. Do you have a story to share?

The closest I have ever come close to cancer is my cousin being shockingly diagnosed with leukemia at age 32! No one else in our family has ever had cancer. I hear about cancer frequently, but never knew the symptoms or knew what it was like. For my cousin, it all started with a lower back pain. He did complain to me about back pain over lunch while he was visiting California from Boston, but I thought it was due to becoming “older” and sitting at the office for long periods.

The back pain was persisted when he went back to Boston, so he went to a doctor, and the doctor thought it was just a common back pain. (Who would think, “Cancer?!”)

My cousin went back to work, and he still felt pain in his back. His co-workers encouraged him to visit another doctor or hospital to get it checked, again. Thankfully, he went to another doctor/hospital, and they ran some tests. Eventually, he was diagnosed with leukemia. What?! Our whole family was shocked! My cousin is living in Boston, and the rest of the family is in California and Wisconsin. His mother, brother and fiancee went to visit him and help keep his spirits up, because he couldn’t come to our annual Thanksgiving and Christmas family potluck.

My is currently in a 2 year treatment program which includes chemotherapy. His co-workers come to visit him frequently, and they are so sweet to help him with all the paperwork involved when one can’t work for a while.

Support the American Cancer Society by shopping Pink Hope with Avon. 15% of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

#WorldCancerDay #CancerAwareness #PinkHope

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