How do you remove your makeup when you have sensitive skin and wear waterproof makeup?

I have combination/oily, sensitive skin, and I have hyperpigmentation around my eyes, so I wear multiple layers of waterproof concealer almost everyday. Sometimes I wear Glimmersticks Waterproof Eyeliner and waterproof mascara. At the end of the day, I need a makeup remover that can melt the waterproof makeup off around my eyes without me having to tug on the delicate skin around my eyes. I also want to avoid any products that burn my eyes. The following products have worked well for me:

  • 100% organic coconut oil – Oil removes waterproof makeup well. Coconut oil is gentle, moisturizes, affordable and doesn’t require you to tug on your skin. I take a small goop of it and massage it onto dry skin in circular motion in order to “melt” the makeup then wipe off the oil with a cotton pad. The only thing that stops me from using coconut oil too much is that it can cause me to breakout.
  • Avon True Color Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover Lotion – This is a creamy makeup remover that is gentle on the eyes. I rub the cream on dry skin in circular motion in order to “melt” or lift the makeup off my skin then rinse with water thoroughly. I don’t have to tug on my skin with this product, too. This product 4.7/5 stars review and 1,499 reviews! Wowzer!
  • Anew Ultimate Cream Cleanser – This is a cream facial cleanser, but I can also use it to remove my eye makeup, because it is a gentle cleanser that doesn’t require me to tug on the delicate skin around my eyes. I just rub the cream in circular motion on my face (concentrating on the areas with waterproof makeup) while the skin is dry to “melt” the makeup off then rinse off with water. It leaves the skin supple and moisturized.

What’s your favorite waterproof eye makeup remover and why? Comment below!

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