I tried the Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit & the Tone-Up Primer by Avon X The Face Shop…

Decided to try a primer and foundation from Avon X The Face Shop

Avon has collaborated with The Face Shop (a Korean beauty company) to create quality skin care and makeup. I was mostly excited about the skin care products, but I finally decided to try the Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit by Avon X The Face Shop. I’m normally hesitant to use foundation, because I have sensitive skin and some foundations irritate my skin or cause me to break out. However, one trick I’ve learned to help reduce the chances of skin irritation is by protecting my skin with a primer (it’s like saran wrap for your skin before applying makeup), so I decided to try the Tone-Up Primer as well.

Tested the Makeup On the Forearm

Before putting new makeup on my face, I test it on my inner forearm. This allows me to see if it matches my skin, to look at the texture, and test how it looks when the make up dries. I chose light medium in the Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit, because I wear the color Macadamia in the Magix Wand Foundation Stick. The first thing I noticed about the Ink Long Lasting Foundation Slim Fit foundation was how silky smooth the formula was and how it easily spread on my skin evenly and melted into my skin. The pump on the bottle gives the right amount (not too much). The foundation dried with a skin-like matte finish (not cake-y or like powered donut). After letting the foundation sit on my inner forearm for 10 minutes and felt no irritation, I decided to give it a try on my face but not without a primer.

Chose and Applied a Tone-Up Primer

I have a light-medium to medium tone skin that is uneven. On my left cheek, I applied the Tone-Up Primer in Lumiere which has a pearlescent finish. It was silky smooth. On my right cheek, I applied the Tone-Up Primer in Pink which is supposed to help even and brighten my skin tone. This also was silky smooth and gave a slightly pink tint on my skin.

Applied the Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit

Next, I applied the light-medium Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit in light-medium on both cheeks with my fingers by spreading and tapping. It was silky-smooth and spread evenly. I put a little amount for sheer coverage, but I was able to build it up to full coverage on darker spots of my face but still felt like nothing was on my face. It was light-weight and melted into my skin. When I compared my left cheek (the one with Tone-Up Primer in Lumiere) with the right check (the one with the Tone-Up Primer in Pink), the right cheek looked more even toned. It dried to a skin-like matte finish. After it dried, I brushed my hand over my cheek to see how much transfers off, and saw that it does transfer. See the next step!

Applied Setting Spray

To set the make up and stop it from transferring (rubbing off), I used the Avon True Color Makeup Setting Spray. Setting spray is like hairspray for your makeup but it’s not stiff like hairspray. It lessens makeup transfer and makes your makeup last longer. After letting the setting spray dry, I rubbed my hand over my cheek, again, and there was no transfer.

The End Result

I wore the make up ALL DAY, and had NO irritations and NO break outs. My skin looked nice all day. I’m am so surprised at the quality of the Tone-Up Primer and the Ink Long Lasting Foundation Slim Fit! This is NOT your mother’s Avon!

Free shipping on orders $40+ at my Avon e-store! No promo code needed.

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