Welcome to my AVON team!

I’m excited for you to start your Avon Independent Sales Representative journey.

If you’ve never been in direct sales or run a small business, I will tell you ahead of time that it is like a roller coaster ride. There will be ups and downs, so you’ll definitely need some grit. Watch the following great video on the importance of grit. Keep a measurable goal in mind, celebrate milestones and focus on the things you can control.

Register your AVON Rep Account

When you signed up to become an AVON rep, you should have received an automated email with your rep accout number and district number. Please follow the email’s instructions to register your new rep account online.

Personalize Your Online Store

Log into Avon.com with your rep login credentials, then click on “My Store.” This is your customizable page for you to share a brief summary about yourself, your favorite products and your YouTube videos. Some reps create a welcome YouTube video so that customers can get to know their reps. There is more information on this in Avon U.

Find Your Customers & Find Your Personal AVON URL

Setting up your rep profile is important if you want customers to find you online. Customers are matched up with reps based on your location and common interests. You can also find your personal AVON URL at your profile. Go here to setup your rep profile.


All Avon Reps. start off with a 25% commission rate on beauty and jewelry products.  As you reach sales goals, your commission rate increases. For example, when you reach Premier Level ($5,000 in award sales within a campaign calendar year), your commission rate increases to 30%.  You can reach up to 50% commission rate.  Learn more about compensation here.

Keep in mind: Your online store offers free shipping on orders $60 or more automatically. This shipping fee is passed onto Avon reps and will be deducted from the rep’s commission.

Pathway to Premier Incentive Program – For New Reps Only

When you reach milestones, big or small, you should celebrate!  During your first 8 campaigns, Avon rewards you with Stepping Stone and Milestone bonuses in order to keep your motivated towards reaching Premier Level (30% commission rate). View the details here.

Making Sure You Get Paid

Avon uses Avon Wallet (HyperWallet) to pay their reps. You’ll need to set it up so that you can receive your commissions. To set up Avon Wallet, log into Avon.com with your rep account, click on “Hi, <your name here>” then click on “Avon Wallet.”

Note: Direct deposits are made 2 days after an order is shipped.

How to Place an Order

As an Avon rep, you can place orders through avon.com with your rep account.  You can order upcoming products, samples and all other products that are offered through your online store. You will see your rep discount at checkout.

You can purchase hardcopies of the brochures & flyers at avon.com:

  1. Log into Avon.com
  2. Mobile App/Website – Click the hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines) in the upper-left corner
    Desktop Website – Click “SHOP”
  3. Expand “Shop By Category”
  4. Expand “Sales Tools”
  5. Expand “Categories”

You should see: Brochures, Flyers, Supplies and Printed Fundraising Flyer.

You are not required to by hardcopies of brochures and flyers, because your AVON website is FREE.

How to Create a Promo Code for Your Online Customers

Avon reps have the flexibility to offer promotional codes for the online customers.  Only online customers that have created an account and subscribed to your email offers can use your promo code.  Search “Promotional Tool” in Avon U to learn how to set it up or find it here.

Warning: any discount or free shipping offered at your online store is deducted from your commission! 

Campaign Calendar

Print out the campaign calendar so that you know when each campaign starts and ends.  Find the current campaign calendar by logging into avon.com with your rep account, then going to Manage Business > Manage Orders > Campaign Calendar.

Avon U – Training Modules By Avon

It is highly recommended to go to Avon U and do training modules.  There’s a wealth of information at Avon U, including: product knowledge, policies, How-To’s, tips, media and more.  You can even go to Avon U and search for modules.

Join the Official Avon Representative Social Selling Facebook Group

Avon shares their media images through the following Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/avonsocial

Engage With Your Team

Your team is waiting to meet you! My upline is Isabelle Maciel.  Our team is connected through Facebook at Belle’s Beauties and Gents.  We support each other, share tips, and Isabelle runs incentives and raffles for us.


The Dashboard is where you go to see data that you will be interested in, including:

  • Your next sales level
  • Your next leadership level
  • Your progress towards earning the incentive trip for 1 and for 2
  • Your current campaign sales
  • New online customers
  • Current campaign’s online orders

Tracking Business Expenses

When running your business, you’ll have to keep track of cash flow. You can’t run a business if you don’t know your numbers.

I recommend using QuickBooks Online, but if you do not want to pay for QuickBooks you can use the free version of hurdlr.com.  Hurdlr also has a mobile app.  Talk to your tax account for forms to help you understand what to record.

Some examples of business expenses that you should bookkeep:

  • Your Avon product purchases – Cost of Goods (COGS)
  • Samples that you purchase
  • Internet service
  • Mobile Data Service
  • Office space in your home
  • Electricity
  • Shipping fees (including shipping fees you cover for your online customers)
  • Promotional materials (catalogs, business cards, car magnets, posters, etc.)
  • Booth fees if you do vendor events
  • Miles driven to deliver each order. Record each trip. (You’ll also need to record your odometer reading at the start of the year and at the end of the year so that your tax accountant know how many miles were driven for business versus personal).
  • Free gifts that you give to customers
  • Tax accountant’s fee

Do your bookkeeping regularly (weekly) so that you always know your numbers. When tax season comes around, you can generate a Profit & Loss report to give to your tax account.

Avon GO – Mobile App: QR Code, Chat and More

Avon has a new mobile app called AVON GO (not AVONNOW, which is the old mobile app). Download it from Google Play store (for Android users) or at the Apple store (iPhone users). The mobile app has a QR code for your online store, and it’s where you can chat with your online customers – yes, your online customers can chat with you through your Avon website.

Find your QR Code:

Avon GO: How to find QR code and website chat messages

To chat with your online customers:

Go to step 2 above, click on “Connect With Customer” and you will find chats that have been started by online c ustomers.


If you have questions or need more help, please text/call me at (424) 337-0519 or email avonrep.mira@gmail.com.   Please do not hesitate to contact me!

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